We love foreign languages… when we play & learn.


Ages: 4-5 years

At Big Ben our tiny tots learn through play.

We make learning a foreign language fun and creative with games, images, multimedia specifically geared for children and trained teachers.

When should children start learning a foreign language?

The earlier the better!

Big Ben School of Languages

Big Ben School of Languages in Ampelokipi Athens was founded in 1990 and since then has been teaching English, French and German at all levels. The value of early introduction to foreign languages has proved to be beneficial to the learning and understanding of languages with greater ease and fluency in later years.

Our School

Big Ben School of Languages is located at Sevastopoleos 63, Amplelokipi, Athens, in a privately owned building of modern design equipped with current technology. We use smart boards in every class and in so doing ensure efficient teaching methods and enhanced learning capabilities. Smart boards help us provide students with greater incentive to participate in lessons leaving them to develop not only technological skills but personal ones to. Each student works from their own book and all communication in English classes will be in English so as to also improve on day to day english. All our classes at Big Ben are made up of small groups, thus ensuring personal attention to each and every student. We also have a rich selection of books and cd’s in our lending library , as well a study hall and computer room.

Presentation rooms are also available for events, workshops and seminars. All our rooms are air-conditioned and heated so as to ensure the best conditions for a learning environment within a contemporary aesthetic which in itself provides a significant educational assist to teaching.

Our Teachers

At Big Ben we believe it is a necessity to invest in our teaching staff. We employ experienced staff, people who can be distinguished for their educational expertise and ethos as well as their ability to connect and communicate with their students. Big Ben has developed a stable and constant relationship with its teachers, and in combination with our small group classes, this  has allowed for students and teachers, to build strong and substantial relationship based on trust beginning from their first steps as pre-juniors through to successfully attaining their certificate in their teenage years.

Our success rate

Our success rate can be attributed to our methodology, experienced staff, our systematic work style, and small class groups at every level of learning languages. Our dedication to teaching, our educationally designed and equipped classrooms and our expert teachers aim at covering all loopholes, mock exams prepare students for taking their finals. Every student has access to  and the possibility of extended practice on computers. Big Ben undertakes to organise the taking of exams every six months, as well as the final exams for certificate purposes.

Cultural Events / Seminars / Workshops

Recognising that learning foreign languages helps to develop the personal skills of students, Big Ben organises every year a rich programme of cultrual events, seminars and workshops not only for students (6 – 18 years of age), but also for parents so as to actively engage community, familial and personal spirit and development.

All our events take place in our specially designed event room.

Our educational excursions,  help children network tother and to develop their personalities and skills through recreation.

Our goal is to live the language, not just learn it!

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